When Ralf Joest unveiled the first garden book in October 2003 at Benrath Castle in Düsseldorf, Germany, he was asked why the decision had been made to present such an elaborate garden book for their first project. Joest’s reply conveyed the objectives of the newly established publishing company: “What we do, we do right.” Jürgen Becker took the opportunity to add, “And what we do wrong, we do really wrong.” Since that day, Mr. Volk, the company’s third partner, has been successful in making sure that the latter occurs as seldom as possible.

In April 2003, Jürgen Becker, a garden photographer, and Ralf Joest und H. - E. Volk, the owners of the advertising agency Makro Chroma, established the Becker Joest Volk Publishing Company (BJV) in Hilden, Germany. Since 2009, the company has not only produced garden books, but has also specialized in publishing exclusive cookbooks and high-quality photography books. In 2013, the company broadened its assortment to include books that focus on art. 

The books released by Becker Joest Volk Publishing Company are distinguished by their superior design, photography, and texts. The company has repeatedly set new standards for production and printing in their market. Each year, they release about 10 new books as well as large-format wall calendars. Since March 2013, Becker Joest Volk Publishing Company has also published a garden magazine titled Gartendesign Exklusiv, in cooperation with Haymarket Media. 

From the beginning, the company has had the goal that each title released would be the best book available on the topic for many years to come. This small, ambitious publishing house is now one of the 100 top publishing companies with the highest profits located in the German-speaking countries, and it has a considerable group of fans, many of whom are booksellers or authors. Becker Joest Volk Publishing Company now sells more books for each title released than any other publishing company located in a German-speaking country. With several bestsellers, the publishing company is not only leading the bestseller lists in the field of “Cookbooks, nutrition, and diet,” but has also received the largest number of national awards per title.

The books released by BJV Publishing Company are available today in the U.S., Great Britain, and Australia. In addition, licenses have been granted in countries such as Italy, Lithuania, and even in China.

Not only because of their success, but also because of their firm conviction, the 12-member team will continue to focus on quality instead of quantity. The three publishers and their team have the following motto: “Fewer titles, compiled with the most possible care, the greatest justifiable investment, and the best names in the field.”